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We are currently updating our website to highlight all the services we provide to Penrhys and surrounding communities in South Wales.

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Feel free to contact us by telephone on 01443 755 008 if you need any information about the programmes we deliver within Penrhys or how our services may be able to support you.


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Penrhys Partnership has been at the forefront of community empowerment over the last twenty two years providing a range of programmes and priorities to address the imbalance in today’s socially excluded society. Empowering the community to improve their quality of life and increase their well-being, Penrhys Partnership provide an under girding for the Communities struggle. All our projects are open to residents throughout Rhondda Cynon Taff and every single project the Partnership carries out must clearly demonstrate how it contributes to the social, economic and physical cohesion of the community.


Penrhys and Rhondda Development Programme

Consists of a set of community based projects aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty experienced by individuals. The experience of the last twenty two years has taught us that the reality of poverty in this area is complex and that it touches people’s lives in many ways.

The Partnership aims for 2015 -2020 are:

1. Provide an Integrated Programme of development, resources and services to meet the needs of the Local Community and wider area of Rhondda Cynon Taff.

2. Develop the Capacity of Penrhys Partnership to ensure the business is sustainable.

3. Market the facility and the services available with a view to increasing income and reducing grant dependency.

4. Maintain a high standard of provision, ensuring continuity of the Quality Assurance.

5. Providing services and working in partnership in order to complement the aims and objectives of strategies that affect the area.


Objectives include the following actions:

  1. To establish and maintain on going sustainable services to the community.
  2. To continue on-going dialogue with the community to best serve their need.
  3. To provide services that support the: Meet the Aims of the local Child Poverty in relation to Childcare and Family Support; Health and Wellbeing Strategy; The Children and Young People’s Plan; and EYDCP’s Strategic Plan during.
  4. To increase promotional activities by 50%.
  5. To ensure that Penrhys Partnership conforms to the Policies and Procedures outlined.
  6. To ensure that income generated increases progressively to obtain self-sufficiency.
  7. Maintain existing services and improve the quality.
  8. To develop new services as identified in our scoping exercise.
  9. To review and maintain the existing staffing structure and increase the number of staff as appropriate.
  10. To widen our community partnerships during the period.


Family Unit   

Our Family Unit programme is a unique project completely centred on the family to benefit users from a varied background. It is a robust programme that includes from parent & toddlers, young people to the older generation. It is an integrated programme that completes a ‘life circle’ whilst having a positive effect of increasing self-esteem, increase educational performance, make a positive impact on health and well-being and job opportunities.


Community Programmes

Our Community Programmes have been created and developed from 23 years’ experience of our work and is based on key community values. A planning process that needed to honour the past, assess the present and plan a chosen future.


In House

Penrhys Partnership are the main point of contact for the community to access information and advice, use of telephone an internet, Dragon Savers, Citizen’s Advice, fruit and veg, recycling and use of our meeting rooms.


Cyclical Events

A variety of events are carried out by Penrhys Partnership throughout the year. Some of these are seasonal, outdoors and depend on the weather conditions.

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Send us an email or visit us at:

Phone: 01443 755 008
Email: penrhys@penrhyspartnership.co.uk
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Community Engagement Worker

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Cultural Arts Manager

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Creative Co-ordinator

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Digital Technologies Manager

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